Working Groups

The MRP facilitates the organization of working groups made of MRP affiliated faculty to address specific policy areas concerning the AAPI population. These working groups conduct community-based research and partner with legislators to develop policy solutions for AAPI issues.

Education Working Group

State of AANHPI in Education Policy

The Education Working Group is comprised of faculty from across the UC system, including Mitchell Chang (UCLA), Gordon Fung (UCSF), Rod Ogawa (UC Santa Cruz), Khatharya Um (UC Berkeley), with support provided by Melany Dela Cruz Viesca (UCLA) and Yen Ling Shek (UCLA). The group is currently working with Assemblymember Mike Eng (49th District) and the California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus to develop a report on the state of AANHPI education, which is scheduled for release in September 2010. The publication of the report is being supported by a generous donation by Farmers Insurance.

Health Working Group

State of AA/NH/PI Health in California

The Health Working Group’s initial project was a report on health care access (insurance coverage, cultural competency, and language access), obesity and diabetes, mental health, and Hepatitis B in the AAPI community. This project resulted from a year-long discussion with Assembly member Mike Eng. and was initially funded by the UC Program on Opportunity and Equity is providing seed funds for the project.
Co-chairs: Ninez Ponce (UCLA, Associate Professor, Department of Health Services) and Winston Tseng (UC San Francisco, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences)