About Us

Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) constitute a large and growing population in the state and among the University of California student population. It is a culturally and economically diverse population that has made numerous contributions, but also faces enormous challenges. Unfortunately, AAPI concerns have not received the policy attention they deserve, and the existing public image is distorted by simplistic stereotypes. As a public institution, the University of California has an obligation to apply its research expertise to the study of AAPI related policies. Meeting this challenge requires a collective effort by faculty throughout the system.

The UC AAPI Policy MRP promotes and coordinates applied and policy research on topics relevant to California’s growing Asian American and Pacific Islander population. The MRP serves as a bridge linking UC researchers to community organizations, the media, and elected officials and their staff. These activities help the University of California to integrate research, teaching, and community outreach in ways that inform and enlighten public discourse on important public policy issues. The MRP is supported through funds from UCLA’s Asian American Studies Center, UC Riverside, and other academic units from throughout the UC system.