Past Events

In Fall 2013, the UC AAPI Policy MRP was pleased to sponsor the following events related to the policy priorities and civic engagement of AAPIs in California.

15% and Growing
The Policy Priorities and Civic Engagement of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in California

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a sizable and rapidly growing portion of California.  They remain the fastest growing racial group in the state, and also the most heavily immigrant racial group in the state and country.  AAPIs today represent over 1 in every 7 residents in California, and about 10% of the electorate.

What are the policy priorities and preferences of this large and diverse group of Californians, particularly when it comes to health, education, and the environment?  And, looking ahead to 2014 and beyond, what will it take for AAPIs to play a more central role in civic life and politics in California?

UC Berkeley
Tuesday, October 15, 4pm to 5:30pm
(Lee, Ramakrishnan, Garcia-Bedolla)
Event details

October 29, Noon to 1pm
(Ichinose, Ong, Ponce, Teranishi, Ramakrishnan)
Event details

UC Davis School of Law
November 14, Noon to 1pm 
(Elmendorf, Hsu, Lee, Ramakrishnan)